Who says health and nutrition education has to be so… dry?

At Healthy Habits, we know exactly what it takes to get kids excited and passionate about healthy food. Choose from one of our off-the-shelf programs below – or call us about tailoring a one-off session or ongoing program to suit your specific needs

Food & Our Bodies

In this eye opening incursion, using models we explore how food can benefit and harm our bodies including:

  • The effect of sugars on our energy levels
  • Fats in our bloodstream
  • Vitamins and minerals and their effect on our bodies
  • How diet related diseases are developed

Suitable for Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 students.

The 5 Food Groups

In this fun filled incursion, we get to know the five food groups through a range of discussions and fun activities including:

  • Why they are good for us
  • The benefits of eating a rainbow
  • Taste testing a food from each food group

Suitable for Prep, Year 1 & 2 students.

Creating Healthy Habits

Creating Healthy Habits is an incursion which aims to do exactly that. Students will learn the importance and benefits of healthy eating through discussions and fun activities. Including:

  • Healthy lunchbox and snack ideas
  • The ideal make-up of a meal
  • Sugar and fat awareness games
  • The Healthy Lunchbox Challenge (everyone’s favourite!)

Suitable for Primary School aged students.

Snack Art

Our snack art workshop includes lots of storytelling, games, activities and food tasting.

But the highlight?

Everyone gets to create their own edible work of art!

Suitable for Kindergarten, Year 1 & 2 students.

Cooking for Health

One of our more popular incursions, Cooking for Health is tailored to each year level. With lots of discussion around the importance and benefits of healthy eating, students learn how to make their very own healthy snacks and meals.

Best of all, no kitchen facilities are required. With loads of recipe options available, contact us today!

Suitable for Primary School aged students.

Healthy Cooking Course

This incursion is ideal for schools without a food technology curriculum or kitchen facilities, this four-week program empowers students to become more capable in the kitchen and more knowledgeable about healthy food. Best of all, we supply all cooking equipment, ingredients and can perform the sessions in a standard classroom.

Each weekly session your students will cook their own recipe with surrounding discussion focusing on a different nutrition topic, as well as food safety and hygiene and learning new cooking techniques.

Suitable for Secondary School aged students.

Cooking Demonstration

Healthy Habits can come to your school to prepare a recipe in front of the children, with plenty of help from the crowd.

We will discuss the nutritional benefits of each ingredient and in case you’re wondering, yes. There’s taste testing for all at the end of the session!

Suitable for Primary School aged students.

Bicycle Powered Smoothies

In this fun filled incursion, students can choose from a range of ingredients to create their very own smoothies… powered by a bicycle!

(Yes, you read that correctly. A bicycle.)

This workshop also includes a number of other nutrition-related activities and games.

Suitable for Primary School aged students.

Body Image & Self-Esteem

This eye-opening workshop addresses the risk factors that contribute to negative body image and their consequences.

Students engage in role-plays, videos, games and group work to develop awareness, strategies and tools for improved self-worth and body confidence.

Suitable for Year 5 to 8 students.

To learn more about one of our school and kinder incursions or to ask about a tailored program especially for you, call Healthy Habits today on 0401 049 655.

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